Is the Rapture Real | TSM #41

Should we believe in the Rapture?  Will you be left behind?   Watch and see!

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Dewfall (New audio podcast)

Sit back and reflect with me, a Catholic dad and theology instructor.

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Amazing Grace| TSM #40

Teacher and former students catch up over the summer break sharing in the goodness of God. Watch!

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What We All Want! | TSM #39

Evangelization must always precede catechesis. This episode focuses on the essence and power of the Gospel. The world needs to hear this from you!

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TSM Hits The Road

Looking for a Catholic Speaker for your event?

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Catholic Bible Study Principles |TSM #38

Sacred Scripture is the Heavenly Father's love letter to us, His children.  The Bible is a great treasure that can transform our lives. Let us dive into some principles that will help us appreciate the Sacred Scripture, more and more!!

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Holy Martyrs Theology Course

The Eastern Catholic Re-Evangelization Center is offering a new theology course!! Spread the word and come check it out!.

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Society Praises The Unfaithful Bride | TSM #37

Thinking for oneself is exalted in the 21st century as it should be.  Humans are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore should be thinking individuals.  Unfortunately, this freedom of thought is often separated from an objective standard of truth...

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Communion of Saints | TSM #36

Do the saints take away from the all sufficient mediation of Jesus the Christ?  When Catholic pray to saints, are they worshipping them?  Please watch and share this episode with someone else!

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Do We Really Need Authority? | TSM #35

Authority has been so often abused and misunderstood, our idea of authority has been tainted.  Jesus' teaching of authority is truly breath taking!  Please watch and share this episode with someone else!

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Deposit of Faith (The book!)

This easy-to-follow guide to Catholic spirituality explains how Catholics can come to a truer knowledge of Jesus through understanding the theological concept of “deposit of faith.”

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Are You Spiritual But Not Religious? | TSM #34

What's up with being spiritual but not religious? How is a Christian to respond? Please watch and share this episode with someone else!

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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament | TSM #33

A brother and sister reflect on spending time with our Lord in the adoration could change your life if you let Him!!!

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The Meaning of Life | TSM #32

Leisure gives us the meaning of life!! It's not the kind of leisure you're thinking of.....

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Arguments Point to God | TSM #31

This vodcast continues the journey of discovering God’s existence by simply paying attention to real life. C.S Lewis’ book “Mere Christianity” gives a great illustration of how...

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The Uncaused Cause | TSM #30

To believe in God is the thinking person’s position.  Unfortunately, believers are not aware of what is actually meant behind the word “God”. This term points to a Reality upon...

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"Stop drowning in the world of opinion"

Who Am I?

I am a widowed family man with four daughters (Gabrielle, Rhea, Michelle, and Nylah). I am a  theology instructor as an adjunct faculty member at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI.  God graces me with the privilege of teaching Catholic theology  full-time  at a Catholic high-school, Brother Rice.

What I do

This site exists in the stream of the New Evangelization.  The Gospel has not changed but the method and ardor in which it is delivered is being renewed!  The Good News continues to be handed down and Truth Still Matters is graced in receiving and handing on that transforming knowledge of Our Lord, Christ Jesus…

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Hubert combines great passion for Jesus, an equally deep passion for others to encounter Him, an awareness of the many challenges in our modern culture about matters of faith and a gifted teaching style.  I heartily encourage others to regularly check in and see what he's offering!

Fr. John Riccardo

Pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth,MI

Hubert: Your career as teacher shines forth in your vodcast as you clearly explain the Catholic Truth.  This kind of thing is much needed today, especially on the internet. Keep up the good work!


Steve Ray


Hubert Sanders is a man of great zeal for his faith, and it really comes through in his show. Be sure to listen in for a boost to your faith and to learn more about the Church


Fr. Jay Finelli (iPadre)

Pastor of Church of the Holy Ghost in Tiverton, Rhode Island

Hubert's commitment to disseminating truth ought to be commended. I'm excited about the impact his blog and vodcast will have on the culture that surrounds our Church.

Arleen Spenceley

author of Chastity Is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin


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