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I am a family man with a beautiful wife (Monica) and four daughters (Gabrielle, Rhea, Michelle, and Nylah). I am a  theology instructor as an adjunct faculty member at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI.  God graces me with the privilege of teaching Catholic theology  full-time  at a Catholic high-school, Brother Rice.  My local parish is the first venue in which God graced me the privilege of teaching, and I really enjoyed passing on the Faith at Presentation Our Lady of Victory.  I love to exalt the name of Jesus and His Church through the use of technology.  I have a Master of Arts degree in theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary.   I have an opportunity to pour into the youth everyday and that is not taken lightly.  God does amazing things in the classroom, and I just sit back and watch the Lord bring us along in our personal journeys.

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