baptism_wide_tHave you ever been asked the question, “Are you born again?”  Being born again is essential to being a Christian, but the phrase must be properly understood.  Many Christians label being “born again” as an adult experience where a personal decision has been made for Christ.  That personal decision is a must in any Christian’s life, but unfortunately that decision alone gets labeled “being born again.”  “Being born again” or “from above” is scriptural language, yet many people are surprised at what the Bible actually  identifies as being “born again.”  The Church Fathers believed in the necessity of being born again and all of them had a particular idea of what being born again entailed.  This vodcast explores what it means to be born again the Bible way!!!!!  Please leave a comment below to help spread the word about this vodcast.  Also, remember that the vodcast is available in the iTunes Store where a review can be left.


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