The following videos have been great discussion “launch pads” in the high-school theology classroom.  The first is given by a young man who pits Jesus and religion against each other…

Classes really resonate with this video.  It gives them “justification” in fighting the “oppressive” institution.  The young man in the video does appear to be a sincere believer in Jesus but there is a danger when one separates Jesus from His Church.  Hypocrisy is fault oEnglish: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...f sinners not religion.  The ancient meaning of religion is that which binds all areas of life together.  Religion is the fruit of love and love unites.  The popular saying “I’m not a religious person but I am spiritual” conveys that same tendency to separate the visible from the invisible.  The ultimate example we have to follow in this situation is Jesus Himself.  Jesus, the invisible Second Person of Trinity, assumed a visible human nature.   The visible and invisible are now united in Christ!  With this example, we should never separate Jesus from His body, the Church.  Religion and spirituality should never be separated either.  I did find another video that conveyed this counter message to the first video…


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