understanding the bible_tOne of the greatest and most unique elements of the deposit of faith is Sacred Scripture.  It is the voice of God through human words.  Sacred Scripture is the soul of theology, and to ignore it is to ignore Christ: “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” -St. Jerome.  This vodcast takes the time to lay down some foundational principles that should always be kept in mind when reading the Bible.  Sacred Scripture is nothing less than God’s love letter written to us and it would be a tragedy to let this great gift sit on the shelf labeled, “I will get to it one day.”  Let’s make sure we don’t “Blow off what is God breathed.”  Yes, we know that it isn’t the only way we infallibly hear from God, but if we let that stop us from penetrating its unique characteristic of inspiration, then we are ones that lose.

Prepare yourselves!  I’ve packed about a two-hour presentation into twenty-two minutes!  To help ease the load, I’ve provided some background music during the presentation.  As always, I would love your feedback.

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