Every human person is made for having direct access to the truth.  Even before we learn to talk, we intuit reality, and this intuition never leaves us.  Formal education is supposed to help our discursive reasoning that we might be able to articulate, in various means, what we "see" or intuit.  Education in the 21st century must go beyond merely handing out information but I believe it must not be reduced to only facilitating.  Teachers must have a vision of their subject matter, written on their hearts, and be willing to encourage students to look for themselves to see if they can see also!

Steve Ray


Hey Brother Hubert:

That trailer was very fast-paced, colorful, attractive and “coming right at you.” Yes, nice job. I hope it attracts people to the quality of you and your ministry. Keep up the good work!!

Fr. Jay Finelli

Pastor and podcaster

Wow, really well done! Very professional. Love it.

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